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It is necessary to look after sites, like looking after flowers or cars. If a site is launched and no one cares about it, then it will stop working sooner or later. But a site is not just text and pictures; it is corporate identity and a sales channel on the Internet. And when a site stops working, nothing happens at first glance, but calls and customers become less in the long term. Those who will go to your site will think that the company closed because its site is no longer active. Those who are looking for your company over the Internet will not be able to find it because the site is not working again. Only your competitors will be happy in this case.

"We ordered a site at our local web studio; everything was paid, and now, our site disappeared. The web studio dodges phone calls and doesn’t answer our letters. When coming to their office it turned out they have moved long ago." Unfortunately, it’s a typical situation. Such things, as "programmer dealt with our site, but he left our company with all passwords", "our company underwent reorganization; while dealing with cases we lost our site", or of course "I don’t understand the Internet, help to get our site up and running", do happen.

To do this, you need to restore the domain, restore the site pages and ensure the work of the site on the Internet. It’s expensive and takes one to two weeks, but to make a new web site is much more expensive. So why should you pay more? Please, contact, and we will:
  • evaluate the possibility and the cost of the restoration work;
  • advise on all questions relating to domains and restoration of sites
  • transfer domain name to you (irrespective of whether you are a private entity or a company);
  • restore your site operation
  • ensure reliable operation of your web site on the Internet
  • make an offer with favorable prices on online advertising (web-promotion).
"Our restaurant Le Malarte had its site that was made by our computer genius Jacques, who set up our computers. That was a good site, and our advertising always contained its address. But then, it suddenly stopped working, and we didn’t get Jacques on the phone; his phone was locked. I tried to contact him, but without result. Our site address is indicated on our sign and in the restaurant’s menu, but it doesn’t work. We feel uncomfortable before our customers. Our familiar programmer gave us an advice to contact SiteEscape. Thanks to them, our site address was restored, and now, is I’m calm for my site. " - Pierre Gauthier, Manager of the restaurant Le Malarte in Arles, France,
First of all, you send us a e-mail to calculate the cost and deadline of the works. The cost of the domain recovery is 200 USD to 600 USD depending on your domain registrar, method of payment and required documents. The deadline for the domain recovery is 5 working days. If you need to restore up on ‘yesterday’, write to us, and we’ll think about what we can do.

Next, you should fill in the form for the domain (download form) and pay for the work.

Frequently asked questions: what is a domain?, what is domain name transfer?, who is an owner of the domain?

We create an account according to your application form (a contract) at a certified domain registrar and carry out the domain registration on you. We send you a password for your domain.

Frequently asked questions: what is hosting?, what is MODx?, what will we restore?

We ensure your site operation, conduct regular monitoring and protect the site from Internet viruses and hackers. In case of concluding the agreement for online advertising, we raise the site positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We work hard to attract targeted traffic, conduct contextual advertising and so on.

And of course, we renew your domain name and hosting in time and remind you of the need to pay for the site work.

Please, be vigilant as many sharkers work on our behalf who introduce themselves as employees and promise to help to restore sites and domains for a modest (or immodest at all) fee. You should remember that we write to you only from addresses, for example, from address, and if you received a letter from any other address, for example,, it’s a sharker’s letter. Just contact us and specify all questions on your site restoration. Our web site is